JAS Naturals Beauty Blender


20160307_131205JAS Naturals Beauty Blender retails for $10.95 on Amazon Prime. You get one that is the shape of the BeautyBlender that everyone raves about. (Including myself.) You also receive another one that is an hourglass shape. The blenders are latex-free, odor-free, non-allergenic, and eco-friendly. You can use this sponge wet or dry. They say dry gives you more coverage. I normally use it dry just to fix makeup mistakes.


Does it compare to BeautyBlender? Oh, fuck no. Nowhere close! When you get the JAS Naturals Sponge wet, it takes so much work to get the excess water out. Whilst the BeautyBlender is beyond easy to get the excess water out. On cleaning, BeautyBlender wins again! It cleans a million times easier than the JAS Naturals Beauty Blender. I found that it was nearly impossible for me to get all the foundation and other products I used with the JAS Naturals Sponge out. On blending, the BeautyBlender wins again! The BeautyBlender leaves my skin looking smooth and flawless, whilst the JAS Naturals Beauty Blender made my dry patches even more prominent. There is only one thing that I enjoyed more on the JAS Naturals Beauty Sponge than the BeautyBlender. That is how big the sponge is! It takes like half the time to apply foundation to my face with it!


If you are looking for a good dupe, the best I have tried and heard of is the Real Techniques Sponge. It’s the most amazing dupe that I have ever tried! Actually, it’s the only other sponge that I love! It’s not the perfect dupe for the BeautyBlender, but it’s closest you are going to get!

Overall, I, personally, I wouldn’t spend full price on it. I would rather purchase the Real Techniques Sponge if I was looking for a more financially friendly sponge. There is only one thing that I could say that’s positive about this sponge. Therefore, I can clearly not recommend this sponge. However, it is perfect for my toddler. Hopefully, she won’t destroy my BeautyBlenders now!

JAS Naturals Beauty Blender:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01B6Q0920?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00
Real Techniques Sponge:https://realtechniques.com/shop-collection/miracle-complexion-sponge



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