Dog Shedding Tool Sets by Pet Magasin Review

Oh, last summer. The year that my toddler ran off with our grooming brushes outside, and my husband managed to run them over with the mower. Goodbye, all you brushes. Except the furminator. After being sick of using one of my hair brushes to brush our dogs, I decided we must buy new brushes. Especially with two beautiful borzoi. One of my sweet girls loves to lay in the twigs and leaves. Her hair has to be brushed out daily or it becomes a big, hot, matted mess. (I honestly never let her get matted. Her hair is just amazingly soft and tangles easily.) The other is still a puppy, therefore, her hair is only long on her back legs and tail. Obviously, grooming her is beyond easy and fast.

The Dog Shedding Tool Set by Magasin comes with three tools in a sturdy material bag. The bag is grey with their logo. You receive a dematting rake, dog hair brush, and undercoat rake. All these only retail for $9.97 on Amazon Prime, which is a hell of a deal! The quality of each of them is so amazing and superior to the ones that you get at your local store, unless it’s a specialty pet store. Each brush has an amazing non-slip grip surface that makes it comfortable to hold. The double sided dog brush works wonderfully. Well, on one side, it is amazing! The other sides with the black bristles really does shit for my dogs’ coats. I am also sure the dematting brush would work great. However, my dog only had a couple of small tangles, and it clearly does not work for those small tangles. Lastly, the undercoat rake works wonderful. It removed a fair amount of hair. However, it is nothing like the furminator, if that’s what you are longing for.

Overall, I am beyond impressed with these grooming brushes by Magasin. Each one was high quality and stylish. I only have one slight disappointment with this set. I wish that included nail clippers, as well! That way the whole Grooming Set by Magasin would be absolute perfection!



Disclaimer: I did receive this review for my honest and unbiased review. I take my reviews very serious.


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