Premium Patented High Quality Car Trash Bag/Storage Bag

Let’s face it with a child, it’s beyond easy for your car to become messy. I love car storage. I have a storage system on the passenger side for all those things that you may or may not need in your car with a child. I also have a tote for all our car toys right by my sweet girl’s carseat. The only thing I lacked was a trash can.

I recently got to review the Premium Patented High Quality Car Trash Can/ Storage Bag sold by Home Health Check for a discount for my honest review. I did find this bag great quality. The fabric and stitching are durable and high quality.

One of my favourite things about this bag is that it connects to the headrest of your seat. This makes it easy for me to even move it to the far back of the suv to make passengers in the backseat more comfortable. I also love how you can remove the inside pouch to easily wash it!

You also have two bottle holders. I personally, don’t like the idea of putting my drinks near my trash. However, if you are using this as a storage bag. I don’t see a problem with it.

Another thing it has is a small zip pouch that is great for putting small things that you may need. Which I also find disgusting if you are using it for a trash bag!

Lastly, it has this thing for putting kleenex in it. However, it seems more like a hassle then it’s worth.

My verdict is: Overall, I like it. However, I think it needs some improvement or maybe I am just grossed out easily. 🙂 I think , though, that nearly $17 dollars on amazon prime is kinda high for this bag. There are cheaper and different alternatives that you could use.

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Premium Car Trash Bag/Storage Bag:




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