Freedom Planner Review

Ever since I had my daughter, I have been very disorganised. To the point that I never remember when my appointments are until the day before. You know when they send those reminder texts/calls.

In my attempt to get organised, I knew I needed a planner. For some reason, I am not capable of using digital planners and getting the same results as when I write everything down. There was an opportunity to review the Freedom Planner for a discount rate for my honest review. It fit my needs perfectly, therefore, I had to do it! Right? 🙂


Now, what I love about this planner is that it provides everything I need and more! Plus, it has a sleek design! With the Freedom Planner, you get a detailed yearly planner. The even provide notes on how to get organised! As well as a dream board, and other things to get you in the direction that you want to go in life.

On design, it’s black with their symbol on the front! It’s also slim and perfect size to fit in your bag! They provide a beautiful blue ribbon that is attached to the planner to mark your place. The only con about this design is that the material on the outside does take show fingerprints easily. Other than that, this planner by Freedom Planner is perfect.

Overall, I can’t find a single thing I hate about this planner. I believe the Freedom Planner is perfection. It not only keeps me organised, but I love the motivation aspects that the Freedom Planner provides. For example, it has areas for goals, inspirational quotes, and other wonderful features that will keep you motivated and organised. Even though, the planner does retail at $35.97 on Amazon Prime, I will definitely be repurchasing it for 2017. To me, I found the planner is worth every penny!


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