Polar Pad Cooling Towel

Summer is coming! For all you babywearing mommas, I am sure you know that carrier your kid in a carrier can get hot in those high temperatures. Last year, someone told me about using a cooling towel when I was carrier my little. It actually makes a difference in those terrible high temperatures. Polar Pad is perfect for this! I just place it between my child and my body. It keeps both of us cool and comfortable! Plus, it takes away the misery of carrying her in the high heat!


Polar Pad is a PVA Towel. They claim that it will cool your body down 30 degrees. In those high temperatures that is definitely a blessing! The Polar Pad that I received is blue. I love the cute little bear paws on one side. I am sure you can see my toddler has been running around with it! What I love about the Polar Pad or any PVA Towel is how easy they are to use. By the way, you could even cut them up to be the perfect size for your kid!


The instructions are easy. They are: Rinse Polar Pad with warm water before each use. After that you soak it in cold water, and then bam it’s ready! Now, when you are done with your pad, you are going to want to rinse it out and ring all the water out. When you are done, it’s important to fold it up (where it can fit in the container) and let it dry COMPLETELY. After it is dried COMPLETELY, put it back in it’s container. The Polar Pad is going to dry hard like a rock. You want this to happen prior to putting it in the container. I had another one prior from a different company that I absolutely loved. However, I did not know to this and it molded. It was disgusting!

Washing it is also easy. You can just throw it in the washer. However, do not throw it in the dryer! Ps. You can also put in the refrigerator, but not the freezer!

My overall thoughts about the Polar Pad is that I love it! It makes going out in the heat or carrying a kid in the carrier easy as pie! I, also, think the price is reasonable. It retails for $9.75. Personally, I think PVC Towels are all the same. So, if you find a better deal, you probably aren’t missing anything!

I did get this for a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

Products Mentioned:
Polar Pad: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XWTQODI?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00



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