Baltic Wonder’s Baltic Amber Necklace Review


I have a teething toddler, like I am sure many mothers and fathers do. Let me tell you something, I am sure all you know those canine teeth are little bitches. Those cute, little teeth coming in put our children in misery. Let’s not to mention the lack of sleep they cause for both the child and the parent.

This is my third amber necklace for my toddler. The first one, my sweet mother in law thought we were asking for one for Christmas for me, but we were asking for our little. The other one, I bought in her size, but it had the pull apart with pressure feature. Both of these were wonderful and high quality. Both were purchased at Itsy Bitsy Bums, which is one of my favourite stores to go to as a mother. When I got the opportunity to review this Amber Necklace by Baltic Wonder for a discount for my honest and unbiased review, I had to jump on it.

Now with Baltic Wonder, you get a high quality amber necklace that 32-33 cm. long. It also comes in a stylish brown b It also comes with a certificate of authenticity. It also retails for $16.99 on Amazon Prime.

One of my favourite things about this necklace is the fit. My toddler is almost two years old, and this necklace fits her perfectly! I don’t have to worry about her pulling it off and making it a toy. Especially, when she is running around playing with it, and you have no idea where it ends up!

My toddler loves wearing this necklace. In fact, she cries if you try to take it off. I would definitely say it’s absolutely comfortable for her! It also is fabulously stylish with a purpose.

Now, I am sure you are wondering if it actually works. To be honest, I was absolutely doubtful that amber necklaces work! I don’t know if it a pseudocertainty effect or it actually works, but I know this my toddler can actually fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. We even go through less Hyland Teething Tablets and Punkin Butt.(Which by the way are wonderful teething solutions.)

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