InstaNatural Essential Oil Diffuser Review



The InstaNatural Essential Oil is a stylish diffuser that holds 100 ml. I love that it is so sleek and stylish. The diffuser has a pretty blue LED light that you can turn off. I also love that it has an auto-turnoff. This is great for those nights when I don’t need another thing to worry about after my toddler falls asleep.

From being a beginner with essential oils, I do find this a great diffuser to start with. The InstaNatural Essential Oil Diffuser is beyond easy to set up and clean out. I clean out mine often. I find it easy for it to get dirty.

What I am thankful about this diffuser is that the InstaNatural Essential Oil Diffuser gave me the opportunity to figure out what works to get my toddler to sleep. Now, my toddler is one of those, I don’t believe in sleep kids. However, with this diffuser and essential oils, we have found our solution for an easy sleep routine!

I do have a few issues with this diffuser. My first one is, it just doesn’t work in our living room. Our living room is connected to our dining room and kitchen, though. My last con is the price. Even though, it is perfect for a beginner, I find nearly forty is a steep price for this device. It does the job for me in small rooms. Due to those reasons, I can’t fathom telling someone this is the one you should buy for what it retails for.

I did receive this for a discount for my honest and unbiased review. These are clearly all my own opinions.

The InstaNatural Essential Oil retails exactly for $39.97 on Amazon Prime.
The link to order is:





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