INTIMINA Lily Cup Review



The INTIMINA Lily Cup retails for $39.95 on Amazon prime.

The INTIMINA Lily Cup comes with your Lily cup, an instruction book, and cute little bag to hold your cup.


Before I get to the cup, the instruction book that comes with is very informative, especially for beginners. (My daughter ran off of it, so I can’t post detailed pictures of it!) The mesh bag is amazing! It’s one of the most high quality bags that I have ever had come with a menstrual cup!!


The design of the INTIMINA Lily Cup is fantastic! It has a slanted top, however, it has a leak proof top! So you don’t have to worry about it leaking when you take out! It does have an area to pour it out. The medical-grade silicone feels like heaven. It’s the softest and mostly lovely silicone that I have ever seen on a menstrual cup! The grips are on the stem of the cup. If you need to trim your stem due to low cervix, that may be a problem if you need to cut your stem.  Also, they’re the only menstrual cup that has spines, which is where the silicone is thicker to for your cup to open with ease.

On sizing of the Lily Cup, there are two. Size A that is recommended for women who have never had a child or a cesarean birth. Size B for women who have had a vaginal birth or have been diagnosed with a weak pelvic floor. However, I am going to warn you that on menstrual cups, one size does not fit all. I have been using menstrual cups for over a year. I can honestly say that even after having a vaginal birth that I wear the smaller size on all the menstrual cups that I have tried. You can always go to a gynecologist or a midwife to have them measure your cervix. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who has a long cervix.

You can use so many folds with the Lily Cup. My personal favourite is the punch down fold. However, the INTIMINA Lily Cup is the only one that you can roll up to the size of the tampon. This makes it a perfect cup if you are switching from tampons to a cup.

INTIMINA has an amazing list of why a menstrual cup is superior to a tampon. The first one that I am going to mention is that you only have to change it every 12 hours. (Maybe more on your heavy days, but still far less than what you have to with a tampon.) You will forget that you are wearing them, they are comfortable. If they are positioned right, you won’t even feel it.  So, no uncomfortable pad feeling or strings hanging out! One of my favourites is that it doesn’t cause dryness. For all you breastfeeding mums, you know the lack estrogen can cause dryness down there. There’s no way that I would want to add to more uncomfortable dryness down there. Also, your cup has no odors or fibers! Others include the Lily Cup is hypoallergenic, will not cause irritation, and will protect your intimate balance.

Over all, I love this cup. It was so comfortable. The Lily Cup was beyond easy to insert and get it open! When I had the Sckoon, I could never get it to pop open. This is definitely competition to the cup that I thought was my goldilocks cup!

I did receive this for a discount for my honest and unbiased review. These are all my own opinions. You can ask me anything you like!


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Sckoon Menstrual Cup:–alternative/dp/B00DJU6AHA/ref=sr_1_13?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1453660225&sr=1-13&keywords=sckoon+cup




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