GreBago Drawstring Backpack Review

After having my daughter and surviving three moves. My purses just didn’t make it out alive. However, I have never really been a purse person. I am more of a wallet, I hate carrying things around. If I do it, it has to be an across the body bag or a backpack. Having a child, though, means sometimes you will carrying loads of stuff. Especially during potty training ages. My lovely daughter has been almost completely potty trained since she was 12 months. However, we do still have those occasional accidents.

Like today, I went in to Ulta with my husband and my daughter to grab a couple things. Whilst, trying to decide which Nyx Suede Cream Lipstick to get. (If you are wondering, I went with Soft-Spoken.) My child, of course, had an accident. Please, tell me, I am not the only mother who has had that embarrassing moment.

This means I definitely needed a bag that matched my black winter boots!

Now, to the point! I received my GreBago Women’s Backpack a couple days ago. It came in this nice sack. I was actually shocked it was my bag that came in the mail, as I wasn’t expecting it to come in such a nice packaging that I can reuse for other purchases. The one I purchased is a dark purple faux leather and has a drawstring. I will post my pros and cons at the bottom, if you just want to get exactly to the point.

Design: It’s quite stylish. The bag has this fake texture in their faux leather to try to resemble a unique leather. At least, I believe it’s trying to resemble a type of leather. The stitching is beautiful. I love how it sticks out against the leather. The front pocket has a zig zag stitching.

On the side pockets, the GreBago Bag has these little metal accents. I find they add character.


The buckles, zippers, and all the metal on it, is stunning and sturdy. However, I could not find any details on what type of metal it is. Sorry! I will update as soon as I find out!


The GreBago Bag has a wonderful stylish zip up straps. I can’t decide if I love this or hate. However, if you love going from backpack to shoulder back, this maybe a nice option for you. The labeling of the brand Xiangyu is everyone. From your zippers, to the black label in the front, and on the buckles. (Ignore the fact I had paint on my hands!)


Lastly on design, I hate, I mean hate the fabric on the inside. It is supposed to be polyester. It’s loud as ****. You can hear it if you touch it, something moves in your purse. However, I will give it credit saying that I don’t think it would tear easy at all. I do not hear it when I am out and about, though.


On to storage: With this back, you get your main storage area that every purse as. :p In that area, you have a zip up pocket and two other small pockets that you can stuff your goodies into. The front pocket that has the zig zag stitching is a nice size. On each side you get two pockets. One is a slanted pocket that you would only be able to fit something small. The other pocket with the unique metal studs are big enough to fit that old Motorola Rzr. Remember those guys! Lastly you get a nice size pocket on the back as well. It goes all the way to the bottom! Today, I had fit my Lennylamb Toddler Carrier and a couple sets of clothes for my daughter and I still had tons of room to spare.

Quality: I am not going to say that it’s a highest quality, it’s definitely not. The faux leather feels like faux leather. :p It will not feel as strong and sturdy as actual leather. I have only had one faux leather bag tear ever. It was after several years of owning the bag. My daily brown bag that I take when taking my toddler out is faux leather as well. It has lasted for almost 2 years by me. I bought it whilst thrift shopping. So, you knows how old that bad boy is. :p

Price: $48.00 on Amazon Prime


Pros: The GreBago is beautiful with amazing storage. If you aren’t hard on bags, it should last for a good while.

Cons: One of my drawstrings keep coming undone. The inside fabric is loud. The branding is everywhere! Lastly, the price isn’t a pro for me!

My verdict is that: I personally love and enjoy this bag. It’s perfect for lugging my stuff, as well as my kids when we’re out in about. I find it stylish and cute. For the price, you are getting a great stylish bag. However, myself not being a purse person, I wouldn’t feel comfortable spending so much on this bag. If you are a bag person, this maybe the perfect bag for you!

Disclaimer: I did receive this bag for a discount for my honest and unbiased review. These are all my own opinions.


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